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  • Boiler Installation mistakes to avoid.
    Boiler Installation mistakes to avoid.

    When the time comes to replace your current boiler, you should seek the advice of a professional gas safe registered boiler engineer.

    Boiler Installation Mistakes to Avoid

    They will be able to explain everything you need for the new boiler installation.

    You can find a local gas safe registered boiler engineer on the gas safe website. Look for a box that says search for an engineer.

    Enter your postal code and push the search button; you should be given details of three engineers local to where you live.

    In the United Kingdom, the law states that any gas appliances serviced, repaired or installed, should only be done by a registered gas engineer.

    You should not try to replace your boiler yourself, as this breaks gas and building regulations and could lead to a criminal conviction.

    You could also find you leave yourself open for prosecution with a high penalty.

    I hear what you say it’s my property; surely I can do what I want within my property, yes but, not with gas.

    Gas can cause an explosion that does not just affect your property but other properties around you.

    This is why only registered gas engineers can work with gas and no one else.

    If you undertake the installation yourself, your property insurance becomes void, so ensure you use a registered gas boiler engineer to carry out the installation for you.

    If you decide to purchase a new boiler yourself, ensure you get the right one for your property.

    Boilers all look the same these days, but you need to get the correct heat output required for your property.

    Boilers have many heat outputs starting from 12kw upwards, an example would be your old boiler is 24kw, but you buy a 15kw boiler, it would work but, it may never get to temperature.

    The look and size may be the same but, the heat output is totally different.

    Do you need a rear flue or a turret flue?

    All this has to be taken into consideration when buying a boiler.

    Something else that needs checking, do you need an LPG or natural gas boiler.

    With LPG boilers, there is not as many to choose from as natural gas.

    Worcester Bosch offers many models that work with LPG.

    When looking at a particular brand, don’t buy the cheapest model, it may look the same as the others, but it could be the wrong model for your property.

    When you look inside a cheap boiler and compare it with a more expensive model, you may think they are the same, but you would be wrong.

    Boilers are built with some plastic parts these days, I know that sounds strange, it is true.

    If you checked the quality of a cheap boiler plastic part; then compared it with an expensive boiler, you will notice and feel the difference between the two.

    Checking the quality of the plastic alone will explain what I am talking about.

    All new boiler installations must now comply with boiler plus regulations by law.

    So what is boiler plus? It is about saving energy when the boiler is in use.

    An example would be a new combination boiler installation.

    The new boiler must now have a minimum of a load compensation thermostat installed.

    Unless your old thermostat is compatible, it would need to be replaced with a new boiler plus version.

    There are other options to choose from, such as a weather compensator, but it then starts to become somewhat expensive.

    With all-new boiler installation, an inline filter must be fitted to the return pipe of the boiler.

    The most common filter installed is called; Magna-Clean; cheaper filters are available to choose from, but you only get what you pay for.

    How these filters work is they stop any debris and iron filings from returning to the boiler.

    Boiler breakdowns due to dirty water are common, and the filter should help prevent this from happening.

    Every year when your boiler is serviced, the filter also needs to be serviced.

    If not, it could become clogged up inside and stop your boiler from working.

    All new boiler installations must be flushed out with hot and cold water.

    Once all the system water is cleaned, an inhibitor is then added; this stops any build-up of sludge within the whole system; it also keeps the boiler clean and working;

    A common boiler mistake is an undersized gas pipe; most boilers now require a minimum of a 22m pipe size within one meter of the boiler.

    Boiler Installation Mistakes to Avoid

    The boiler will still work with an undersized gas supply but; not to its full potential.

    It could also be dangerous if it’s undersized; due to the incorrect volume of gas going to the boiler.

    All gas appliances need to have the correct volume of gas to work correctly and safely.

    The gas engineer will carry out a gas rating check for each of the gas appliances.

    Gas rating an appliance proves the correct volume of gas as well as the safety side.

    When buying any gas appliance, always check it is suitable for your gas supply.

    The main gas supply in the United Kingdom is natural gas if you live in a rural area, you may have LPG (liquid petroleum gas) installed.

    Do not try to install an LPG boiler on natural gas supply or vice versa.

    Every new gas boiler installation installed by a registered boiler engineer must t be registered by law.

    The engineer will register your new boiler with Gas Safe, who will also register it with your local authority.

    Once the boiler has been registered, you will receive a certificate confirming registration.

    You need to keep the certificate safe as you will need it when selling your property. Having no certificate will cost you in the long term.

    Failure to register the new boiler will result in the boiler warranty becoming void.

    There is a misconception that installing your new boiler yourself will save you on the installation costs.

    The truth is it will cost you more in the long term, as well as the possibility of getting a criminal record.

    These are just a few of the common boiler installation mistakes we come across every day.

    We hope this gives you an insight into what a boiler installation now involves.

    If we can be of help when it comes to replacing your boiler, please let us know.

    Boiler Installation Mistakes to Avoid.