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  • The Power Flush

    Radiator on the left is blocked with sludge. The Power Flush If like most people these days you have central heating fitted within your property that uses radiators, then the chances are you are going to need the power flush at some time. So how do you know if you need the power flush? One of the first things you will notice is the radiators take a little longer to heat up than [...]

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    Leaking Radiator Valves

    Leaking radiator valves can cause problems with the boiler eventually if the leakage is not addressed. There is nothing worse than coming home from work, only to find you have no hot water for your shower.  You check the boiler and notice it’s showing a fault code, which translates to low water pressure. On checking the boiler pressure it reads nearly zero. This means there [...]

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    Power Flushing

    Power Flushing The Heating System Power flushing your central heating system will restore it to its original state as when it was first installed. The reason why you would start power flushing your central heating system is if you notice black water when removing air from the radiators or If your heating system is slow to heat up then the chances are your system is sludge up and you need to[...]

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