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  • Tado Smart Thermostat

    Tado vs Smart Tado Smart Thermostat  Europe’s biggest direct Nest competitor. Is The Tado, with its self-titled second-generation smart thermostat. Like the Nest its key features are smart learning and weather monitoring. But Tado takes this a step further. Not only does Tado track motion in the home. It also keeps an eye on all owners (those with the Tado [...]

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    Nest or Hive Smart Thermostat?

    So what’s the best smart thermostat, Nest or Hive, and how easy are they to install? In my opinion, both thermostats are of good quality, both will do the same job, but in different ways. Both thermostats connect to the internet via your broadband. Once connected they collect information on the local weather and adjust the boiler accordingly. Nest connects to the internet through[...]

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