• Forcali water heaters are a leading LPG brand in the united kingdom designed for the mobile home.

    As an LPG installer company, we install more Forcali water heaters than any other brand mainly, due to them being so reliable.

    The six and ten-litre versions have no permanent pilot, which saves the gas bills compared to the old Morco water heaters.

    The main problem we find with the Focali is the batteries that ignite the burner tend to go flat very quickly.

    Forcali Batteries box. Forcali water heaters Supplied and installed.

    It only happens with the batteries supplied with the water heater from the makers.

    When we install a new water heater, we discard the supplied batteries and only fit a leading brand of batteries.

    Using a leading brand of batteries ensures trouble-free usage for the end-user.

    I would also recommend changing the batteries every twelve months and keeping a fresh set at hand.

    Let me explain the start-up sequence of the Forcali water heater.

    When you open a hot water tap or shower, water goes through the appliance and engages a micro switch which starts the ignition sequence.

    The front of the water heater has a small display panel, which shows the water temperature within the appliance.

    The temperature shown at the start is the incoming water temperature.

    At the same time that the display appears, you will hear a clicking sound which is the ignition sparking to light the water heater.

    The clicking sound you hear should be very fast, something like sixty clicks per minute.

    After a few clicks, you will hear the water heater ignite, another click but a different sound.

    Should the clicks continue and eventually stop, the batteries need replacing.

    I will explain how you know if the batteries are running low on your Forcali water heaters.

    You turn on your hot water tap or shower, and the water stays cold, always when you need hot water the most.

    You check the water heater to see what’s happening, the display is on, and it is clicking no hot water time to change the batteries.

    Forcali water heaters are a very reliable product the only problem we come across is the batteries.

    Use this checklist if you cannot get hot water from your Forcali water heater.

    • 1 Always check the batteries first and listen for a fast clicking sound when opening a tap.
    • 2 Ensure your gas supply is on and the gas bottles have gas within.
    • 3 Make sure the water supply is fully open and not half-closed.

    Like, I said before, the most common problem we come across is the batteries running low.

    Here are a couple of winterising tips for your water heater.

    • 1 When closing up for the winter, isolate the water supply, open all hot water taps and let the water drain till it stops running.
    • Open the drain valve on the water heater, and look for a long thin spindle.
    • You’ll need to unscrew it, so get yourself a small pot to catch any water and let the water drain out.
    • 2 Remove the batteries from the battery holder, which you should see on the bottom right-hand side.
    • 3 Now isolate the gas supply to the water heater.
    • The Forcali water heater is now ready for winter.

    On recommissioning, the water heater, close the drain valve ready to turn on the cold water supply.

    Close all hot and cold taps and turn on the water supply.

    Now the water has been reinstated, open a hot tap to remove any air within the pipework.

    Refit the batteries into the battery holder, then turn on your gas supply.

    You are now ready to fire up your water heater.

    The first use of the water heater may take a little time to light due to air in the gas supply.

    It’s always advisable to have your water heater and other gas appliances checked over for safety when returning from the winter shut down.

    Something may have happened leaves from the trees could be blocking the flue without you knowing.

    Don’t forget you will need an LPG gas safe engineer for your Forcali water heater.

    So many people don’t bother with a gas safety inspection till something happens.

    We hope you enjoyed this article on Forcali Water Heaters.

    Don’t forget to get yourself a fresh set of batteries.

    They could save you the cost of calling out an engineer just to change the batteries.