• Boilers Is Your Gas Engineer Legal?
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    Boilers Is Your Gas Engineer Legal?
  • Always Check the Engineers Gas Safe Card Before Any Work Is Started.

    Check Yor Gas Engineer

    When you are in need of having gas work carried out, would you check your gas engineer is legal to work on gas?

    Many claim to be gas safe registered, but how do you know?

    Around 40% of people in the united kingdom do not check their gas engineer is legal to work on gas.

    This has implications.

    Any gas work carried out by someone who is not gas safe registered could void your home insurance, not many people know this.

    The UK law states

    All gas work has to be carried out by a gas safe registered company or person.

    Failure to use a registered engineer for your gas work could lead to very high penalties.

    The law states, as a gas user, it is your responsibility to ensure any gas engineer you engage is registered.

    Anyone claiming to be gas safe registered, that are found not to be are committing a criminal offence and could face a term in prison.

    Every gas engineer carries a card with them.

    On this card will be details of the appliances that they are allowed to work on.

    Before you have any form of gas work carried out, you should ask to see the card.

    If they cannot produce the card, you should ask them to leave until they can produce it.

    Even when an engineer produces their card.

    It’s always a good idea to double check on the gas safe register to ensure they have not been suspended or removed.

    When checking the register, you will see a picture of the registered engineer.

    As well as details of all the appliances that they are registered to work on. 

    If your gas is LPG and not natural gas, there is also details of the type of gas they are allowed to work on.

    Just because they are registered it does not mean they are registered for LPG, so double check if your gas is LPG

    All registered gas engineers can be traced, whereas someone who is not registered cannot.

    In the last three years, gas safe has attended over 2000 illegal gas work investigations.

    nly to find that over 69 per cent were found to be unsafe, even life-threatening. 

    That’s frightening when you think about it.

    When some of the people were asked did you not check the gas engineer was registered, the answer was.

    I saw a gas safe sticker on their van and assumed they were registered.

    To be a registered gas engineer involves a lot of work and expense for the engineer.

    Every year they have to renew with gas safe, if they don’t renew, they are not allowed to work on  gas.

    Every five years, they have to attend college to re-sit all their gas exams.

    This involves, an exam for each appliance they want to work on.

    Just because someone is registered, it does not mean they can work on all gas appliances.

    To be LPG registered, they have to take all the natural gas exams, then takes the same again for LPG. That’s two sets of exams.

    As you can see this involves a lot of the gas engineers time as well as money to pay for all of these exams, as well as the loss of work.

    Just because someone tells you they could carry out your gas work.

    At a cheaper price than a registered engineer, it does not always mean it’s cheaper.

    Always protect your family and only use a registered gas engineer for all your gas works.  Always use a registered gas engineer.

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