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  • Landlords Gas Safety Inspection Annual Check

    If you live in a rental property then a landlords gas safety inspection has to be carried out each year, even if you live in a friend or a family house that is not owned by you.

    Any property that is loaned or rented out, by law has to have an annual gas safety inspection.

    An inspection has to be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer, it cannot be done by anyone else.

    Once the gas inspection has been carried out, then a certificate of the check is issued, listing any defects found.

    Depending on any defects that may have been found, then the engineer will explain what needs to be done, and the time scale they need to be put it right.

    If no defects were found then everything is ok.

    When a landlords gas safety inspection is done, everything gas or related to gas has to be checked.

    The first check is at the gas meter to make sure there is no gas leak present, also checking to make sure the gas supply has an earth bonding attached.

    One of the most common faults is no earth bonding on the meter.

    This is called not to current standards.

    If the gas tightness check is ok at the meter then all the appliances are then checked.

    Let’s start with the boiler first.

    The inspection involves checking the boiler flue, making sure it exits correctly, is of the correct length and supported where it need be.

    Checking the inlet supply to the boiler, then the working pressure, making sure you still have 19mb plus or minus 1mb when everything is switched on.

    With a lot of boilers, the pressure always to seems to be too low. This is an installation fault.

    Next, we move on the cooker or hobs, with the cookers they have to have a chain fitted to the wall and onto the cooker.

    This is so the cooker cannot topple over should a child hang onto it and pulling it over.

    The gas connection to the cooker is via a hosepipe only and not a rigid pipe.

    The hosepipe has to be of the correct make, you cannot connect just any pipe.

    Where the connection to the gas supply is, it has to be a bayonet fitting and it must be looking down and supported.

    When it comes to hobs, they have to be fitted with rigid pipe and not hose pipes.

    On the gas supply to the hob, an isolation valve has to be fitted.

    This is sometimes overlooked, but it is a regulation.

    With cookers and hobs, checks are made to make sure they have the correct gas supply and are burning correctly, also checking for ventilation.

    Now we move onto fires.

    With any gas fire, the flue has to be checked via a smoke test to make sure the flue is pulling correctly.

    The flue terminal has to be checked to make sure it is the correct one.

    A spillage test at the fire is also carried out to make sure no carbon monoxide leaking into the room.

    Then the gas pressure is checked. Depending on the heat output of the gas fire you may need ventilation, this has to be checked to make sure it is of the correct size.

    Once all the appliances have been checked, then a gas tightness test is carried out again to make sure no leaks are present.

    Some engineers don’t do the tightness test at the beginning but once all appliances have been checked they then do the tightness test.

    All gas appliances have to be checked to make sure they have been installed correctly.

    When a landlords gas safety inspection is carried out, it does not matter if the appliances are the landlords or yours, they still have to be checked. If a fault is found, and it’s your appliance then it will be down to you to put right, the same if it’s the landlords.

    Once all checks have been carried out, then a certificate is issued.

    The landlord has a copy and also the person in the accommodation.

    This is your right as a gas user, if the landlord does not give you your copy then you should ask for it.

    This is a regulation.

    Many landlords refuse to hand over the gas users copy, why I am not sure. If you live in rented accommodation make sure you have your copy of the landlords gas safety inspection certificate. It’s your right as a gas user.

    Should you wish to find out more about landlords gas safety inspection then just enter your details in the box below…