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    LPG Boiler For Mobile Homes

    So what one is best for you, how do you choose.

    The rule of thumb is to try staying with the same make you already have, the reason being the installation side.

    When using the same make of boiler as your old one, the pipes most of the time should line up.

    That’s not to say using another make of boiler would not line up to the pipework.

    People tend to use the name of BOILER for many different items like a hot water storage tank, often called a boiler which in one way I can understand why they call it a boiler.

    The hot water tank is just a hot water storage tank and not a boiler.

    With LPG gas boilers, you have the option of choosing between a heat only, a system boiler and the very popular combination boiler.

    Before you decide on your new LPG boiler, you need to ensure you know what type of boiler you have.

    Is it a combination, system or heat only boiler?

    To help you better understand what type of boiler you have.

    If you have a hot water tank, you either have a system or heat-only boiler, no hot water tank then most of the time, you will have a combination boiler.

    The majority of mobile homes are fitted, with either a water heater only boiler or a combination boiler, it depends on the age of the mobile home.

    The newer built mobile homes come with built-in central heating and double glazing with full insulation to keep in the heat.

    Older mobile homes most of the time came with a water heater and a gas fire but no insulation fitted.

    Back to the LPG Boiler For Mobile Homes.

    What is the best way to choose an LPG boiler for mobile homes?

    That’s simple, contact a local LPG Gas Safe Registered boiler installer.

    If you don’t know a local LPG registered boiler engineer, head over to the Gas Safe Register and search for an engineer.

    It’s simple to use you enter your postal code, push search and receive the details of 3 local registered boiler engineers.

    Arrange for a visit to discuss the boiler replacement, most will not charge for this visit, but some do ask before.

    Just to be on the safe side when the engineer arrives, ask him or her to show you their gas safe card.

    Gas Safe issue everybody who is registered to work with gas, an identity card that must be carried with them all the time, while working.

    Details of the person presenting you the card will be shown, his or her picture, gas safe registration number, on the back of the card details of the appliances they can work on.

    This includes both LPG and Natural gas appliances.

    If any of these details seem wrong ask them to leave until everything can be verified with Gas Safe.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Now the Gas Safe check is out of the way, let’s get back to an LPG boiler for mobile homes.

    With all boilers, not just LPG but natural gas as well, you only get what you pay for.

    What you have to consider is how long during the course of the year will you be using your mobile home.

    Will you be living in your mobile home all year round?

    If so, it’s better to buy a high-end boiler than a cheaper version.

    A couple of well-known brands (Vaillant and Worster) make an LPG boiler for mobile homes.

    Both these makes of boilers are on the higher end of the market, like I said before, you only get what you pay for.

    That’s not to say the cheaper boilers are no good, they all work well but for how long.

    Having worked in the boiler industry for many years, I have got to know how long a boiler will last.

    The best advice I can give is to steer clear of the cheapest boilers.

    All new LPG boilers come with warranties, which vary from one year right up to twelve years.

    To keep these boiler warranties valid, you must have the boiler serviced every year without fail.

    If you miss a service, the warranty will become void, so you can see how important it is to have an annual service.

    I do hope you found this article useful to you in your search for an LPG boiler for mobile homes.