• LPG Engineer Near Me

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    How do you find a local LPG boiler engineer?

    Who can work on your boiler and other gas appliances?

    You could visit Google and type in the search bar, LPG engineer near me.

    Google will present you with around two million results for your search term.

    At the top of the page will be three or four Local companies around your area.

    Personally, I would use the Gas Safe Register and not Google to find an LPG engineer.

    Let me explain why.

    When you search Google many companies will show up, which is OK, nothing wrong with that.

    But and this is a big but, you cannot be 100% sure they are registered to work on LPG.

    I am not saying that they are not registered, what I am saying is, it will be quicker to visit the registered first.

    As a gas user weather its, LPG or natural gas, you have a responsibility to ensure that anyone who works on your gas appliances and gas supply pipes is registered to work on gas.

    The worst scenario is, should something go wrong, you could be prosecuted for not checking the gas engineer is registered.

    Another problem you will also encounter is, should you make a claim on your insurance, you will find it has become void, due to you using a non-registered gas engineer.

    Every gas engineer carries a gas safe card with them, so when your engineer arrives, ask to see his card.

    If you are told, sorry I have forgotten it, I will bring it tomorrow, ask them to leave until they can produce it for you.

    All gas engineers must carry their card at all times while working.

    On this card, you will see details of the engineer in question. It will have a picture of the person, an expiry date which is normally 31st March.

    On the back of the card will be the engineer’s qualification, this tells you what appliances he can work on.

    One column will be for natural gas and the other for LPG. Be sure to check the card.

    What you should do is then visit the gas safe register to verify the card.

    Just because someone is registered, it does not necessarily mean they can work on LPG, so be sure to check.

    By going to the register first, you will save time searching for an LPG engineer near me.

    Once on the register, you enter a few details, and just like magic, you will have details of the local companies in your area.

    Gas can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so always be safe and visit the register when you need any form of gas work carried out.