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  • When you carry a search for LPG Gas Cookers, you will notice there is not much choice of cookers to choose from, but all is not lost.

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    Most of today’s new modern gas cookers have the option of using LPG.

    Ensure when purchasing your new cooker, a conversion kit is available for the one you choose.

    Whatever you do, don’t buy your new cooker without the conversion kit, and don’t use the conversion kits from eBay.

    It must be the manufactures own conversion kit.

    So what is a conversion kit?

    An LPG conversion kit consists of jets, with an instruction leaflet stating where each jet should go.

    Within the conversion kit will be a label stating the type of gas the appliance uses.

    The label should be applied to the appliance, stating it has been converted over for LPG.

    Natural gas works on a lower pressure than LPG (20MB) whereas, LPG works on (37MB)

    Carrying out the conversion most of the time is straightforward.
    Some cookers need other adjustments carried out.

    The cheaper cookers tend to be the easiest to convert and the more expensive ones a little more involved.

    Whatever you, don’t connect a natural gas cooker to an LPG gas supply without being converted.

    We have attended jobs where the customer connected their new cooker to LPG without being converted first.

    It can be a dangerous thing to do, sometimes fatal.

    One thing that we do come across quite often is, when a customer buys a new cooker, be it LPG or natural gas, they don’t realise that a new cooker hose is required.

    Gas regulations state a new cooker hose be supplied and installed to the new gas cooker.

    If your new gas cooker is LPG, you must ensure you buy an LPG cooker hose and not a natural gas model.

    They may look the same but are different.

    You can use an LPG hose on natural gas and LPG, but not the other way round.

    It’s always good practice to engage the services of a registered Gas Safe Engineer, who will be able to advise you on what you need for your new cooker installation.

    The Gas regulations say all gas work must be done, by a registered person or company.

    The worst scenario is if something happens, your insurance will be void.

    So how do you find a gas safe registered person for LPG Gas Cookers?

    Search on Google for the Gas Safe Register it will be on the first page once on the site, look for find an engineer.

    It will ask you for your postcode, enter your details, and you should receive the details of three local registered engineers.

    Take a note of the engineer’s contact details and get in contact.

    Not all registered gas engineers are registered to work on LPG.

    You should also see a contact number on the site, make a note of that so if the engineers you contact are not LPG registered, you can call that number for further advice.

    LPG Gas Hobs.

    Much the same as LPG gas cookers, most hobs can be converted to use LPG, the installation side though is different.

    All gas hobs LPG and natural gas must have an isolation valve and solid copper connection.

    You cannot use a cooker hose to connect the gas supply to a hob.

    Many have been connected this way, it’s against gas safety regulations.

    Gas in the wrong hands can be very dangerous, always use a registered gas engineer, not just for LPG cookers, but for everything gas.

    For more information use our contact page.