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    How could we live without them?

    In this article, we will try to tell you everything you should need to know about Mobile Home Gas bottles.

    It will include which types of gas you should order for your home if you use bottled gas at home, your mobile home or your boat.

    What size gas bottle you will need, as well as things to look out for when it comes to your central heating and cooking in your mobile home?

    Mobile home owners, touring caravans even those thinking of buying a mobile home will know gas bottles will make life a little more like home.

    Heating your mobile home to your cooking appliances, gas fridges and water heaters.

    Gas is something we all need it makes life a little easier while at your mobile home.

    We will try to answer some of the most common questions we get asked by mobile homeowners.

    Which gas bottles should I use for my mobile home?

    There are two types of gas that can be used in mobile homes as well as touring caravans:


    The best option for most, with the boiling point of -42°C.

    Propane gas provides slightly less heat per gas used than the other suitable mobile home gas, IE butane gas.


    It tends to last longer than propane, roughly around 12% longer per single litre.

    It has a warmer boiling point than propane.

    Butane is often considered less suitable for mobile homes in use most of the year.

    Especially true in the colder months of the united kingdom when butane can freeze up and leave you with no gas.

    Butane is mainly used for touring caravans, camper vans and small boats.

    The most popular gas suppliers our customers use are Calor gas and Flogas.

    There are others out there, but these two are the most popular ones.

    Ask your Mobile home park office what type of gas they sell on-site.

    The type of mobile home you have will decide which size gas bottles you should use.

    It is advisable in mobile home parks in the united kingdom that are open most of the year to use propane to prevent any cold surprises over the wintertime.

    Does the bottle size matter?

    Yes, the bottle size is very important, the most common mobile home gas bottles used are 47kg bottles. 

    Most mobile homes will have room for two of these large 47kg gas bottles somewhere outside of the mobile home.

    To use two or more gas bottles in your mobile home, you should have

    an LPG OPSO changeover valve with 2 or 4 pigtails.

    Pigtails are the hoses that connect to the changeover valve and gas bottles. The LPG changeover valve has 2 sides to it.

    The changeover valve will let gas through one bottle at a time on a 2-bottle system. The 4 bottle system will use 2 bottles at a time.

    You cannot connect more than four gas bottles at any one time.

    If you only use gas for cooking the smaller 19kg gas bottle would do just fine.

    To work out what gas bottle size you need, all your gas appliances need to be checked for their output in kilowatts.

    It is then added up, and the correct size gas bottles can be fitted. Your gas-safe engineer will be able to advise you.

    How long will a gas bottle last in my mobile home?

    This is a hard one to answer, this all depends on how many gas appliances you have, as well as your usage. 

    If you use the central heating boiler and the gas fire with the oven and hob.

    Even with the water heater, all at the same time, it won’t last long.

    You will need to consider

    The time of year in the winter months, you will be using the central heating or gas fire much more than in the summertime.

    The size of your mobile home, heating larger mobile homes is, as you can imagine, more gas-consuming.

    To give you an idea, of the usage of a 47kg gas bottle in a mobile home.

    That uses gas for every appliance should last around 18 -19 hours before it runs out. 

    This is only a rough estimate if you are constantly using the gas hob, gas fire, hot water and any other gas appliance you may have.

    How much does a gas bottle cost?

    The average 47kg gas bottle in present time costs around £85 per bottle at the moment.

    But with all the price rises going on it could and will get higher.

    Most mobile home sites in the United Kingdom run a gas purchasing scheme where you can buy gas onsite.

    For example, many mobile home sites use Calor gas as their main source of the gas supplier.

    Calor provides regular gas deliveries to many of the United Kingdom park sites.

    It is easy to order your gas bottles at the park office, pay and wait for them to be delivered to your mobile home.

    Many new mobile homeowners do not realise that there are gas regulations and precautions to take on when moving gas bottles around.

    This is why it’s always best to leave it to your mobile home park to order and deliver the gas bottles for you.

    How do I check how much gas is left in the bottle?

    You should keep an eye on how full your gas bottles are, this will avoid any half-cooking dramas or even unwanted cold showers.

    You can do this in many ways it can include lifting or shaking the gas bottle (if possible, and without injury!).

    Where you’ll be able to hear how much gas is in the bottle.

    Lifting a 47kg gas bottle to check is a no-no unless you are extra strong.

    Another method people do is pouring hot water down the outside of the gas bottle to detect the gas level by seeing where the bottle turns from hot to cold. 

    Other affordable but less reliable methods include a self-adhesive strip, which also shows where the temperature changes, or adding an inline gauge.

    The safest option, and the one we recommend, is fitting an auto changeover valve with a built-in OPSO.

    It has a little display that tells you when one bottle is empty.

    When you look at the display, it will show green when the gas bottle is empty it will turn red and automatically start using the other gas bottle.

    If you have one fitted to your mobile home and are not sure how it works.

    Ask the guy who delivers your gas to take you through it, I am sure he will be only too happy to help.

    Top Tips for storing gas bottles

    Here are some general guidelines you should follow when using gas at your mobile home:

    Travelling – make your life easier and order gas through your mobile home park this ensures, safe transportation. 

    If you must transport gas bottles yourself, ensure you store the bottles upright and secure position.

    Always store in a well-ventilated area and ensure they are always kept upright and cannot fall over.

    Touring caravans will have a storage section just for gas bottles, never store gas bottles inside your caravan.

    When you leave your mobile home for a long time, always turn off your gas bottles or even disconnect them.

    Ensure you turn off all gas appliances in your mobile home when you lock up and return to your main home.

    Regularly check the level of gas in the bottles to see if you need to order more.

    Check regularly for leaks and ensure they remain in an upright position and secured. 

    You can do this by using soap bubbles around the connections.

    Check your mobile home park policy about storing gas bottles, including how many you can have on your plot at any one time.

    Ensure the gas is disconnected and turned off as part of your annual winter drain-down procedure.

    Never store any gas bottles inside your mobile home or shed.

    You can buy a gas bottle cage to secure them in, but it must be fitted outside.

    Avoid those cheap plastic ones you see online look for the fireproof gas bottle cage.

    Gas can be scary for some people here’s how to foolproof.

    Annually completing and filing an LPG gas safety certificate is a clause for many mobile home parks in the United Kingdom.

    It’s all about ensuring your mobile home is safe to use, as well as the parks insurance policy.

    It entails an annual gas safety inspection and can only be carried out by a registered LPG gas safe engineer.

    If you rent it out, you will also need a Landlords Gas Safety certificate, which must be renewed, every twelve months.

    You can find an LPG gas engineer on the Gas Safe Register.

    Just google Gas Safe Register, and look for find, an engineer on the front page of the website fill in your details and push search.

    Once they have completed the inspection, you will receive a gas safety certificate. 

    You should keep the certificate safe, you may need to show it to anyone, like the park office or insurance company.

    For most mobile home parks, this is a vital safety document that proves to them.

    Yourselves as owners, your families, and any guests that gas safety checks have been carried out.

    If your gas safety inspection fails, don’t panic, this is why they’re carried out.

    Most issues can be resolved or advised by an LPG gas safety engineer who would be more than happy to help.

    What’s new in the LPG gas bottle world?

    The boom in domestic tourism at the moment is crazy after the Coronavirus lockdown as we all know.

    With the spike in ownership and units being used.

    It’s no surprise that there’s a higher demand for LPG gas bottles in the United Kingdom.

    More people are looking to stay in the United Kingdom right now, there’s been an uptake in the mobile home and caravan sales.

    Calor Gas has said to address this and improve gas bottle availability for customers.

    Calor will prioritise bottle exchange transactions for certain-size bottles.

    Mainly the 47kg bottles, whereby bottles are returned to Calor for filling and redistribution.

    In light of this, Calor Gas is asking any existing mobile homeowners who have unused or empty gas bottles to return them to the supplier.

    They can then be refilled and reused it is all about recycling these days, as well as shortages.

    Mobile Home Gas bottles.

    We hope you have found this article helpful in your search for Mobile Home Gas Bottles.