• If you own a mobile home, you will know that the hot water flow rate is poor most, will only produce around 6 litres of hot water per minute.

    Mobile Home LPG Hot Water Heater Upgrade

    Which as you know is not very good at all.

    Mobile Home LPG Hot Water Upgrade.

    Have you ever wondered if there was a way to upgrade the hot water to produce double the flow rate?

    Think about it, a more powerful shower instead of that dribble you now have.

    Twice the hot water flow rate to all of your hot outlets, yes it is possible.

    Our LPG mobile home hot water upgrade is simple.

    Your new water heater can fit in the same position as your old one most of the time.

    The flue from the new water heater will exit to the outside through the same route as your old one.

    But most important is that it is room sealed.

    Meaning you can now use the cupboard to store your brooms and buckets safely.

    As you may know, the Morco and Worcester water heaters are open flued this means you cannot store anything in the cupboard.

    These water heaters need ventilation to work safely.

    Anything that you keep in the cupboard is a fire risk.

    Ventilation grills within the cupboard tend to get blocked up.

    The water heater cannot breathe properly, which when working will produce carbon monoxide.

    Our new Mobile home LPG hot water upgrade eliminates all of this.

    So, how do we upgrade your existing hot water to 12 litres per minute?

    We use a water heater that is now one of the best selling heaters in the United Kingdom.

    Our new water heater is called FORCALI

    Check the specifications detailed below.

    Forcali FS-12S-GLP is a 12 litre per minute room sealed LPG water heater with electronic ignition.

    Automatic ignition (maximum savings without pilot flame)
    • Low pressure and low flow operation
    • Flame control by ionization
    • Gas evacuation control
    • Overheat control
    • Water valve made of brass
    • Gas valve made of aluminium
    • Anti-frost device with drain valve
    • Fitting Kit included
    • Aesthetic finish design
    • Ultra-compact dimensions (515x325x167 mm)
    • Intelligent thermostatic electronic panel control
    • High-performance de-oxygenated copper heat exchanger
    • Intelligent self-diagnosis system
    • Thermostatic flame modulation
    • Will run on Butane or Propane LPG

    State-of-the-art modern appliance.

    Room sealed for total safety.

    You can fit it in virtually any location, including bath and shower rooms.

    Perfect for replacing the Morco F11, F6, F5 or Widney Slimtronic.

    It has full electronic ignition without a pilot light.

    Operate on low water pressure and flow rates.

    Microprocessor control to ensure constant monitoring of water flow and water temperature.

    Delivering safe and efficient water heating with minimal gas consumption

    This unit runs on 240V, and the maximum power consumption is a mere 40 watts.

    If a 240-volt socket is not within the cupboard, it can be, connected to the closest point.

    Forcali water heaters can also work with a 12v system with a small inverter.

    Ideal for narrowboats, horseboxes, mobile homes, log cabins and shepherd huts.

    As you can see from the specification above.

    Forcali unit is safe to use, and you save on running costs due to no pilot technology.

    Did you know that a pilot that is constantly on can use 2 47kg LPG gas bottles over a year?

    That’s a lot of money to save over 12 months.

    Let’s talk about the safety side of things.

    We regularly carry out gas safety inspections on mobile homes for many holiday parks in the Suffolk area.

    One of the most common faults we find is the water heater cupboard is used to store brooms, buckets and more.

    I understand that space is limited and the reason for using the water heater cupboard.

    When we carry out a carbon monoxide test, it always fails due to a lack of ventilation within the cupboard.

    Most people do not know how dangerous it is due to them not having a carbon monoxide detector fitted.

    By having our mobile home LPG hot water upgrade, you can use the space within the cupboard for whatever you like.

    You should still have a carbon monoxide detector fitted just for a safe sake.

    As with all gas appliances, LPG and natural gas, you should have them inspected for safety every year.

    Even if you only use the appliances for a couple of months a year.

    An appliance not used all year round can become dangerous.
    Valves and pins within can become stuck, as well as the flue becoming blocked.

    So how long does it take to carry out the mobile home LPG hot water upgrade?

    This will depend on your existing water heater location, most of the time though within one day.

    We remove the water heater and flue, the outer part of the flue, is then removed.

    A new vertical flue and sealing plate is fitted on the roof section and made watertight.

    Ready for the connection of the new room sealed water heater.

    The water heater is then fitted to the wall and connected to the flue.

    Both hot and cold water supplies are then connected and tested for leakage.

    With the gas supply pipe, it may need an upgrade supplied to the new water heater.

    Once all the connections are complete, the water heater is commissioned, as per the maker’s instructions.

    Our mobile home LPG hot water upgrade should only be by an LPG gas safe registered company or engineer.

    Never try to carry out the upgrade yourself unless you are gas safe registered.

    You will find that your property insurance becomes void unless installed by someone gas safe registered.

    So if you are in the market for a New Mobile Home LPG Hot Water Heater, consider the 12-litre upgrade.

    I hope you found this article helpful in your search for a mobile home LPG hot water upgrade.

    If you would like more information on the Forcali heater, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

    You can use our contact form.