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    Mobile Home Water Heater Dangers How Safe Is Yours

    Mobile Home Water Heater Dangers are real.

    Something we come across very often, although it can be avoided, with some gas safety education.

    So what are the dangers?

    Most mobile homes will have a designated compartment for the gas water heater.

    These compartments have been designed purely for the water heater alone and nothing else.

    The main problem that we come across is that they often get used as a storage cupboard which is understandable but dangerous.

    Let me explain what a water heater compartment is.

    First off, most gas water heaters in mobile homes are open flued.

    Open flued means they draw oxygen from the compartment to work safely.

    Like a candle in a bottle, the oxygen burns off the candle dies, this will also happen with the gas water heater.

    If you look into your compartment, you should notice ventilation grills, they should be located at a high and low level.

    They should be non-closable, meaning they cannot be closed.

    Some may even have more grills to the side of the compartment.

    These ventilation grills draw the oxygen from the outside and must never be blocked off.

    The flue coming off the water heater may even have an air intake depending on the type of flue you have.

    Ventilation is crucial for the safe working of the gas appliance.

    Because the water heater is not a room sealed unit, the flames could, in theory, wander under from within the water heater due to lack of oxygen.

    Should this ever happen, you could end up with a major fire, even losing your mobile home to a major fire.

    The danger we come across is the compartment being used for storage.

    Which, in turn, blocks the circulation of fresh oxygen the appliance needs to work safely.

    We come across this quite a lot, the compartment full to the brim with everything.

    Any Gas water heater compartment should never be used, for anything other than the gas water heater itself.

    When the water heater is working, should it not get enough oxygen, it starts to burn incorrectly, which in turn releases carbon monoxide into the air.

    Carbon monoxide as we all know is a silent killer, you cannot see it, you cannot even smell it, but it could kill you.

    I know that might sound a little bit drastic, but it’s true.

    Mobile Home Water Heater Dangers should always be avoided.

    Safety must always come first.

    Never use the gas water heater compartment for any form of storage, not even the brooms.

    Fit a smoke and carbon monoxide detector just outside the water heater compartment.

    They are not expensive around, £20.00 at the local hardware store.

    By fitting a smoke and carbon monoxide detecter, you will know when something is wrong, it could save your life.

    LPG Mobile Home Water Heater Dangers.

    Have all your gas appliances inspected at least once a year, preferably at the start of the season?

    Call your local LPG gas safe registered engineer to service the gas water heater.

    Ensure the cobwebs that buildup around the flue are removed.

    You will be surprised how cobwebs restrict the flow of air and believe me, they do.

    Ask the LPG gas engineer to carry out a gas safety inspection on all your appliances.

    That way, you know if they are safe or not to use.

    Have the gas bottles and any regulators inspected at the same time, you will be surprised how many regulators and gas hose pipes are out of date.

    Just as a guide, gas regulators, should be replaced every ten years, and any gas hoses pipe replaced every five years.

    How old are yours?

    Once they have carried out the gas safety inspection.

    They should give you a certificate, which, will have details of any faults that were found.

    Gas faults are classed, as at-risk and immediately dangerous.

    At-risk means you could be in danger if you use the appliance.

    The engineer should then disconnect the appliance from the gas supply but only with your permission.

    You can refuse the disconnection should wish.

    The gas engineer should then contact your gas supplier who can refuse to supply gas to you.

    Immediately dangerous means exactly that, danger to you and your family again he should disconnect the appliance to make it safe.

    If faults were found on the inspection, discuss with the engineer what needs to be done to make everything safe to use.

    It’s surprising how many people never have their gas appliances checked over for safety.

    One of the reasons being they only use their mobile home a couple of times a year.

    All the more reason to have a gas safety check carried out.

    One of the main problems we find is a build-up of leaves as well as cobwebs, all around the flue of the appliance.

    When gas appliances are not used regularly, including the gas water heater, problems occur without you even knowing it.

    The mobile home water heater dangers are real.

    But we find people tend not to even think about the dangers until something happens.

    Surely, the safety of your family and friends should always come first.

    One of the reasons we hear for not having a safety inspection is the cost.

    Put it into context, a small annual cost could potentially save someone’s life surely, that’s worth it.

    So how do you go about finding someone to carry out your gas safety inspection?

    That’s easy, Google, or whatever browser you use, the Gas Safe register.

    Look for the section that says find an installer.

    Enter all the details requested, you will then be presented with three local-based gas engineers’ details.

    They should be able to assist you?

    Now you have the details of a registered gas engineer, make contact with them.

    Arrange your gas safety inspection.

    Ensure they are also registered to work on LPG appliances, including gas water heaters.

    So I hope you can see from this article, Mobile Home Water Heater dangers are real and not just something to put aside.

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